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(pointers) 域名指向
{{category.name}} {{ category.name }}
% Disk Usage to create Backups. %用于创建备份的磁盘使用率。
Access Hosts 授权访问的主机
Appears at the end of the virtualHost. 放在virtualHost之后。
Appears in ALL location / sections. Use the LOCATION token. 添加在所有 location / section 里面。使用 LOCATION Token。
Appears in rewrite{} section. 在 <Directory> section 上方。
As Link Link
Avoid using the Ignore option unless you know what you are doing. Spammers will be sending you e-mails to random addresses, and this option will accept those e-mails. You will not know it because the accepted e-mails would be discarded. This greatly increases the server load unnecessarily. If you do not want the catch-all to be on, then use the Fail option instead. 除非你知道你自己在做什么,否则请避免使用“忽略”选项。垃圾邮件发送者会通过随机地址给你发送邮件,而这个选项会让你接收到这些邮件。你不会看到这些邮件的因为这些邮件会被丢弃掉,但这个过程会大大增加服务器不必要的负载。如果你不想开启这个catch-all选项,可以考虑使用Fail选项。
Be sure to copy and backup the "RSA PRIVATE KEY" along with the request. You will need it when installing the certificate. Because you're an admin, you will be saving to the "shared server certificate" and the key is not saved anywhere until you paste it with the certificate. 请务必将"RSA PRIVATE KEY"和请求一起备份一份,在安装证书时将会用上。因为你是管理员, 所以你将保存到 "共享服务器证书", 而密钥不会保存到任何位置,直到您将其粘贴到证书中。
bl_script 描述
bl_usernames 用户名
Blacklist Usernames 无效用户名
Destination 收信者
Login as %{ username } 作为%{user}登录
Not After 生效于此日期之后
Notify user on certificate request success 创建一个证书签名请求
Seek should be smaller than %{ size } Seek应小于%{ size }