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# of free IPs
%d Days, %d Hours and %d Minutes
%d of %d Admin/Reseller accounts currently exist.
%d of %d accounts currently exist.
%d of %d domains currently exist.
%s - user's '%s' current IP
%s Day(s)
%s Edit the User Welcome Message to ensure the subject and message are set.
%s already exists. Pass overwrite=yes to force
%s appears to be a link. Aborting.
%s can now be shared.
%s could not be assigned, it must first be free and unassigned.
%s could not be freed, it must first have zero domain if it is shared, or must be reserved.
%s could not be removed, you must free it first.
%s could not be shared, it must first be free
%s deleted successfully.
%s does not exist
%s does not have same ownership as %s
%s has been blocked in %s to prevent further attempts on the account.
%s has been copied to %s.