English Spanish (Latin America)
%s has been suspended %s ha sido renombrado a %s.
%s has been unsuspended Se ha removido la suspensión de todos los usuarios seleccionados
'%s' must be '%s' or '%s'
'when' should be all, newer or older
(%d) The following hard links have been found under User %s:
* irretrievable *
*** Stopped ***
A %s record already exists with that name
A 'free' IP can only be assigned to 1 User
A forwarder already exists with that name
A full domain/zone with this name already exists.
A key with that name already exists
A list alias already exists with that name
A subdomain with the same name already exists on the system under another domain.
Account %s skipped due to suspension
Account %s was suspended by an Admin and you only have Reseller access.
Account %s with domain %s has an empty caroot cert
Bleeding edge features
Cannot find %s to convert %s
Cannot find %s, skipping.