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%s has been suspended %s foi renomeado para %s.
%s has been unsuspended %s foi renomeado para %s.
%s is out of range %s é agora livre
%s is reporting that IP %s has issued a password change request for user '%s' without approval.
%s is required for %s
%s must not be a symlink
%s no longer has a Name Server Label.
%s not implemented
%s records disabled at this level
%s value of '%s' is not in the home_override_list
%s will now point to %s
%s's config files have been removed
%s: lstat error on linnk value '%s': %s
%s: readlinke error: %s
%s=%s requires nginx_proxy=1 and the %s Pro-Pack
%s='%s' is not a valid %s type %s não é um arquivo válido
%sClick Here%s to learn how to enable it
%sClick Here%s to view the local raw zone data
%sSave Increase%s
%sTemporary Bandwidth Increase