English Russian
%s appears to be a link. Aborting. %s похоже, является ссылкой. Прерывание.
%s has been renamed to %s.
%s has been saved as %s.
%s has been suspended
%s has been unsuspended
%s is a directory, will not delete
%s is a link
%s is hard or symbolic link
%s is missing
%s is not a directory
%s is not a socket
%s is not a symlink
%s is not a valid IP or range
%s is not a valid access host
%s is not a valid database name
%s is not a valid file
%s is not a valid ip range. Use:
%s is not a valid key, skipping
%s is not chowned to %s which is a likely cause for extraction failure
%s is not enabled